Sunday, 23 October 2011

The London School of Lucha Libre Super Show in support of

We've had a incredible summer of training, and more and more of our students are taking giant steps to becoming pro wrestlers.
Many of them as character roles in Lucha Britannia, but a year on since we opened the doors to our illustrious training facility inside a unique arts and performance space in East London called Resistance Gallery, we are about to embark on the first ever London School of Lucha Libre Super Shows.

This is a chance for the trainees of the school to show off what they've learnt and to start entertaining people in their hybrid British Lucha Libre wrestling style, with all the proceeds from the door going to the MacMillan cancer charity.


London School of Lucha Libre Super Show!
Sunday, November 20 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Spread the word and mark this down in your calendars as the birth of the new wave of British Luchadores!

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

British & Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling take hold on the UK on BBC News

Last week the BBC sent a reporter to the London School of Lucha Libre and then on to the Lucha Britannia show!

The increase in popularity of the exciting art form, sport and entertainment is reaching a new high and this is certainly only the beginning!

With nothing like the British Lucha product showing on domestic television it is difficult to introduce the entertainment format to new audiences but this is exactly what we at the London School of Lucha Libre are trying to change with growing success.

Watch the news clip here on the BBC's website and please repost and share it with all your friends!

Also one of our more experienced trainees made her d├ębut last Friday at the Lucha Britannia show and was an instant massive hit with the fans and the BBC alike!

Watch this space as Janey Britannico is fast on her way to becoming one of the UK's top female Luchadoras!!!
London School of Lucha Libre head trainer, Greg (Baxter, Darren, Pukka, Metallico) Burridge, has gone on record saying that:
" all my years of Pro wrestling I've never seen such determination, heart and dedication as I have with the current crop of soon to be wrestling superstars! All of our LSLL students have been showing that extra something, that X-factor, which will ultimately separate the wannabe's from the willbe's.
The Pro talent in the UK is at an all time high right now & were instrumental in pushing that bar higher!"

Lucha Britannia's creator, sometime superhero & Burridge's LSLL right hand man, Garry Vanderhorne added:
"It's a super exciting time for anyone involved in wrestling right now, whether as a fan, a trainee or Pro. The art of Lucha Libre is ever evolving and as sports entertainers, we always have to push the limits of what we can do both under the spotlights and in the schools, theatres, in the media and as ambassadors ourselves. It's up to everyone involved to proliferate a positive attitude & to be the very best we can be as the whole world is watching!"
"This is just the beginning for us and there's a long road ahead but we've had a great start and we have help from some of the worlds best & most experienced Lucha Libre Wrestling performers who from time to time, will be offering their insights, techniques and skill to our students at the LSLL."

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Mexican Exotico Sensation Cassandro coming to London School of Lucha Libre

Last week we were privileged to have superstar Luchador, Juventud Guerrera as our guest trainer and what a fantastic time was had with him passing on some of his awesome knowledge and amazing skills. Thank you so much Juvie, we want you back soon!
 Next week we are equally excited to have the Exotico Lucha Libre sensation, Cassandro as our special guest trainer!
The first publicly 'out' gay wrestler in Mexico is coming back to the UK ahead of a new Mexican showcase spin off of 'Lucha Libre London' called 'Future Lucha'.
Cassandro is a world class ambassador for the art of Lucha Libre and first wooed the British public back in 2008 when the Mexican legends of Lucha libre came to do a set of sold out shows at the Camden roundhouse.(Lucha Libre London)
Other stars included El Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon Jnr, Solar, Negro Navarro, Mascarita Dorada & Silver King,
Cassandro's story has been one of epic struggle and has helped change the face of Lucha Libre over the past 20 years, so much so that his story is being turned into a movie!

Because of the great work that 'Lucha Britannia' have been doing over the last 5 years in the UK, Mexican Lucha Libre style wrestling is becoming more & more popular, with the London based hybrid styling of The London School of Lucha Libre now leading the way!
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We've been saying it for a while now but the future for British wrestling really is Lucha!!!
Watch a small snippet of the home grown Lucha Britannia show here and visit our web pages!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Superstar Luchador Juventud Guerrera is guest trainer at London School ofLucha Libre Tues 10th May 2011

Former AAA/CMLL/WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA superstar Luchador, JUVENTUD GUERRERA is our special guest trainer & speaker at the London School of Lucha Libre! This Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

London School of Lucha libre Wrestling

So you want to become a Luchador???
Welcome to the UK's only dedicated Lucha Libre Wrestling School right in the heart of London.

Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green. E29RF.

The 'London School of Lucha Libre' is a comprehensive and safe way of learning all about the art of Lucha Libre Wrestling.
Sponsored by the award winning Cabaret Siniestro wrestling show 'Lucha Britannia', and coached by the UK's most experienced wrestlers & trainers.

"Wrestling training is one of the greatest disciplines in the world because it teaches you so many different skills which you can take & use in everyday life.
Things like improved balance, confidence, coordination, timing, body conditioning, stamina, creative thinking, charisma, strength, kinesiology, physiology, body mechanics, stretching, posture, gymnastics, and of course real professional wrestling skills"

The extensive syllabus covers every aspect of professional wrestling with a focus on the more flamboyant style of the Mexican masked art form called Lucha Libre.
Lucha Libre, literally translated means 'Free Fight', which flamboyantly uses every possible fighting methodology, gymnastics, psychology and techniques available in the world to forge you into a real life superhero or villain in pro wrestling. (Tecnico or Rudo)

The school mixes the acrobatic style from Mexico with the traditional British style, covering both countries rich heritage of wrestling and splendour while also giving lots of  time to the North American and Japanese strong style of working.

The warm ups and fitness training circuits will be tough!
Studies not only show that circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance but also that circuit training helps men and women to achieve their goals and maintain them longer than other forms of exercise or diet.

Head trainer, The Cockney Crusader, Greg 'Darren Baxter Pukka' Burridge, (Lucha Britannia's brutal, part man-part machine, Metallico!) is one of UK wrestling's most experienced and well respected proponents.
Burridge has wrestled all over the world and fought with WWE & TNA superstars such as Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Scott Steiner, Abyss, AJ Styles, Somoa Joe & many more, but more importantly he was one of the main people who trained one time Lucha Britannia & two time WWE world champion, Sheamus, before he went onto mega stardom in the States!

The school is co-run by Lucha Britannia creator & Britain's Lucha Libre expert, Garry Vanderhorne who has been a qualified fitness & martial arts instructor for 23 years, holds 9 coaching awards, & has performed in front of thousands of people all over the world, utilising entertainment, art, music, performance, production & fighting skills.

The London School of Lucha Libre is open to all girls & boys over the age of 18 who want to learn the art of Lucha Libre wrestling... but you must have at least some viewing knowledge of what sports entertainment wrestling is !!!

Remember: Pro wrestling is a dangerous art form and hurts!!!
Our 'LSLL' instructors and Lucha Britannia wrestlers are of the very highest standards with years of training and performance experience.
Don’t try this at home, in the street, the park or in the work place!!!

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