British & Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling take hold on the UK on BBC News

Last week the BBC sent a reporter to the London School of Lucha Libre and then on to the Lucha Britannia show!

The increase in popularity of the exciting art form, sport and entertainment is reaching a new high and this is certainly only the beginning!

With nothing like the British Lucha product showing on domestic television it is difficult to introduce the entertainment format to new audiences but this is exactly what we at the London School of Lucha Libre are trying to change with growing success.

Watch the news clip here on the BBC's website and please repost and share it with all your friends!

Also one of our more experienced trainees made her d├ębut last Friday at the Lucha Britannia show and was an instant massive hit with the fans and the BBC alike!

Watch this space as Janey Britannico is fast on her way to becoming one of the UK's top female Luchadoras!!!
London School of Lucha Libre head trainer, Greg (Baxter, Darren, Pukka, Metallico) Burridge, has gone on record saying that:
" all my years of Pro wrestling I've never seen such determination, heart and dedication as I have with the current crop of soon to be wrestling superstars! All of our LSLL students have been showing that extra something, that X-factor, which will ultimately separate the wannabe's from the willbe's.
The Pro talent in the UK is at an all time high right now & were instrumental in pushing that bar higher!"

Lucha Britannia's creator, sometime superhero & Burridge's LSLL right hand man, Garry Vanderhorne added:
"It's a super exciting time for anyone involved in wrestling right now, whether as a fan, a trainee or Pro. The art of Lucha Libre is ever evolving and as sports entertainers, we always have to push the limits of what we can do both under the spotlights and in the schools, theatres, in the media and as ambassadors ourselves. It's up to everyone involved to proliferate a positive attitude & to be the very best we can be as the whole world is watching!"
"This is just the beginning for us and there's a long road ahead but we've had a great start and we have help from some of the worlds best & most experienced Lucha Libre Wrestling performers who from time to time, will be offering their insights, techniques and skill to our students at the LSLL."

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