Mexican Exotico Sensation Cassandro coming to London School of Lucha Libre

Last week we were privileged to have superstar Luchador, Juventud Guerrera as our guest trainer and what a fantastic time was had with him passing on some of his awesome knowledge and amazing skills. Thank you so much Juvie, we want you back soon!
 Next week we are equally excited to have the Exotico Lucha Libre sensation, Cassandro as our special guest trainer!
The first publicly 'out' gay wrestler in Mexico is coming back to the UK ahead of a new Mexican showcase spin off of 'Lucha Libre London' called 'Future Lucha'.
Cassandro is a world class ambassador for the art of Lucha Libre and first wooed the British public back in 2008 when the Mexican legends of Lucha libre came to do a set of sold out shows at the Camden roundhouse.(Lucha Libre London)
Other stars included El Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon Jnr, Solar, Negro Navarro, Mascarita Dorada & Silver King,
Cassandro's story has been one of epic struggle and has helped change the face of Lucha Libre over the past 20 years, so much so that his story is being turned into a movie!

Because of the great work that 'Lucha Britannia' have been doing over the last 5 years in the UK, Mexican Lucha Libre style wrestling is becoming more & more popular, with the London based hybrid styling of The London School of Lucha Libre now leading the way!
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We've been saying it for a while now but the future for British wrestling really is Lucha!!!
Watch a small snippet of the home grown Lucha Britannia show here and visit our web pages!

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