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Lots to be proud about at London School of Lucha Libre pro wrestling school!

With the LSLL creators & head coaches Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne, one would think that the folk who come here to learn we're spoiled enough but no, look out! We are so lucky here at LSLL that we get the very best from all over the world popping in to lend their experience and pro wrestling knowledge.

 Two of our LSLL alumni, who have been making big waves recently are Nina Samuels, who tearing it up across the WWE NXT UK universe right now, & NJPW never openweight champion Will Ospreay. Both of them regularly dropping down to classes with us whenever their schedules permit.
 Nina started out here with us at London School of Lucha Libre just 5 years ago, having never wrestled before and honed her skill as the Pink Devil, Diablesa Rosa on Lucha Britannia shows, becoming a 4 time World Lucha Champion!

We had a surprise drop in & mini seminar from former WWE superstar, MVP who then decided to use our venue, Resistance Gallery for his one man show just before …

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