Lucha Monday's will soon be back!

The London School Of Lucha Libre will return soon! Please be patient as post pandemic the world is still crazy and venues are uncertain. 

Until we are sure we have a good location, please just keep following us on our socials.

Our Mission:

To further expand on our 10 years plus legacy in offering the best quality Lucha Libre, sports entertainment wrestling training, personal fitness & confidence building to all levels, from beginners to the most advanced.

Our Vision:

To help as many people as possible become fitter, stronger, resilient, happy, successful & fulfill dreams through the joys of safely practising Lucha Libre Wrestling & the strong family type community & sense of pride that comes with it.

Founded in 2010 by head coaches Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne, The London School Of Lucha Libre quickly proved itself to be world class with its progressive outlook, inclusiveness & holistic approach to incorporating a wide variety of different disciplines into the art of Lucha Libre Wrestling. The school is and always been, industry leaders in our commitment to diversity and equality.

With firm support from legacy Lucha Libre legends & coaches from Mexico & America, (Cassandro Exotico, Juventud Guerrera & Thunder Rosa amongst others), the LSLL mixes traditional Mexican Lucha Libre 'free fighting' with the classic British 'World of Sport' style alongside the familiar North American & Japanese strong style forms.

Wrestling is an ancient art form which continues to evolve through the ages & changes in the societies we live in....this is wholly reflected through our teachings at the London School Of Lucha Libre Sports Entertainment Wrestling.

We will be closely following all the Covid guidelines & government recommendations, in the mean time please do follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

email us at:

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