Physically Closed for now but Burridge is still teaching in IsolationMania

If ever there was a time to get your mask designing skills down its now!

As we are all more than well aware of, Covid 19 has halted maybe 75% of the worlds industries & activies. 
Social distancing is the temporary normal for now but that dosnt mean that learning stops here at #LondonSchoolOfLuchaLibre with Head Coach @GregBurridge (instagram) in IsolationMani!  @GregBurridge1 (Twitter) or join our group on Facebook.

Burridge is giving 'easy to do' 'stay at home' exercises that anyone can do using things you find around the home. Also Promo Class Wednesdays via the Facebook Group.
£10 Donation if you can if not no worries. Paypal -

Join our cummunity of like minded people from all walks of life, from all over the world, bettering themselves through training & because of a collective love for Wrestling! 

For now, Stay Safe, Stay Home.
See you on the other side of History.

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