What is the London School of Lucha Libre and Cassandro returns!

The London School of Lucha Libre is Europe's No.1 Pro Wrestling & Theatrical Performance Athletic Training Centre, Right in the Heart of London!!!
Endorsed by the WWE & Mexico's Finest, We are open every Mon, Tues & Weds nights for training.
Thursdays evenings for select private sessions with smaller classes, more intense pro sessions for possible WWE try out selection!
Also select Sat & Sun sessions available.
Become a real life superhero, get fit, learn new skills, make new friends!
Over 18's only!


We are happy to announce that our good friend & one of Lucha Libre's finest living superstar ambassadors, Cassandro El Exotico, will be visiting us in November for a week of seminars, fitness, Mexican culture & pure high flying Lucha Libre goodness.
He will be accompanied by another Exotico, Diva Salvaje, so this will be a unique opportunity in the UK to see the inner working of two amazing Mexican Luchadores!

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