Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What is the London School of Lucha Libre and Cassandro returns!

The London School of Lucha Libre is Europe's No.1 Pro Wrestling & Theatrical Performance Athletic Training Centre, Right in the Heart of London!!!
Endorsed by the WWE & Mexico's Finest, We are open every Mon, Tues & Weds nights for training.
Thursdays evenings for select private sessions with smaller classes, more intense pro sessions for possible WWE try out selection!
Also select Sat & Sun sessions available.
Become a real life superhero, get fit, learn new skills, make new friends!
Over 18's only!


We are happy to announce that our good friend & one of Lucha Libre's finest living superstar ambassadors, Cassandro El Exotico, will be visiting us in November for a week of seminars, fitness, Mexican culture & pure high flying Lucha Libre goodness.
He will be accompanied by another Exotico, Diva Salvaje, so this will be a unique opportunity in the UK to see the inner working of two amazing Mexican Luchadores!

Friday, 30 May 2014

So much happening at London School of Lucha Libre

Loads of stuff been happening since the last log in, too much really!

The school has grown & grown & we are now regularly doing extra sessions to keep up with demand! Some are in our North London extra base we lovingly call "The Dungeon."

We are still every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evening starting 7.30-10.30 at our Bethnal Green Resistance Gallery base, catering for all levels of performance athletes from absolute beginners to seasoned pro's who want to improve their game, learn new skills or remove some rust after a lay off or injury rehab.

We have a new LSLL show on 15th June 2014 at Resistance Gallery Called Lucha Fever!
Details here for event!

We had a small school outing to Raw & Smackdown which we had 6 of our Luchadoras on as Rosebuds for Adam Rose's entourage!!

More and more of our trainees are graduating to semi pro & pro level, getting booked on other promotions around the country, appearing on TV & live events in gimmicks etc!
We even had 7 of our trainees debut on Lucha Britannia at the Great British Tattoo Show on May 23-24th in the epic and world famous Alexandra Palace!

Join us on our Facebook page here or if you are serious about training at the school join our group here!