Vintage World of Sport star Tony Scarlo is guest Maestro at LSLL

At London School of Lucha Libre we dont just concentrate on the current trends, oh no.
To produce future stars we also have to look back to what has gone before and keep our Lucha skills a cut above the rest. To do this we pride ourselves on our great British wrestling legacy & are lucky enough to have amongst us one of the great unsung heroes of the bygone age, Tony Scarlo.

As you will see in the clips below, Tony was not a young man when he fought the Dynamite kid way back in 1977.!.
Tony Scarlo has been a trainer of British wrestling superstars for many years now & although in his mid 70's can still mix it up in the squared circle with the best of them!

We are proud to call Tony Scarlo one of our London School of Lucha Libre old school maestros and will be having him down to pass on his enormous wealth of British excellence once a month from now on.

Scarlo is also a familiar face on our TV screens in an acting role, as he is often one of the regulars in the Queen Vic on EastEnders!
He will be teaching an advanced technical chain wrestling class this coming Weds 30th May!

Here's Tony in his first match back 1977 on ITV's World Of Sport since 1969, putting over the Dynamite Kid in front of millions of veiwers.

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