Jonathan Ross joins London School of Lucha Libre & Lucha Britannia

It's no secret now that we've had the UK's most revered television personality come and have private sessions with us, yes, none other than Jonathan Ross is the latest of our high profile friends to step into the ring a learn the ropes at the London School of Lucha Libre!

In the weeks leading up to the UK's most important comic book & movie convention in London, Kapow! created by Mark Millar,  'Wossy' (Jonathan Ross) had been secretly working with Super Lucha trainers, Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne of Lucha Britannia & the London School of Lucha Libre.

"Jonathan is a natural!" Said Burridge.
"We didnt have a lot of time to train him but he instinctually knew where to go & what to do. We made sure he could do everything that was needed for the angle he was in to look great & be safe.
There were hundreds of people screaming out & cheering for him as he stood up for the comic book fraternity & surprisingly took on the massive Lucha Britannia bully, Estupido"

Vanderhorne added:
"Jonathan knows all about drama, audience manipulation, crowd work, ad-libbing & comedy timing. That's why he's been at the top of his game in television for so many years!
We put him through a lot of stretching & warm ups, rolling & tumbling, jumping & bumping, psychology & selling.
He really understands & appreciates that pro wrestling is an art form & that with a little imagination, faith & budget, Lucha Libre wrestling entertainment in England could really take off big time.
For a guy in his fifties, he can really move well & we hope to be working with him much more in the coming months as he is going to be an integral force in getting British wrestling back on prime-time television.
I dont think anyone expected to see Jonathan Ross leaping from the top rope, delivering an impressive clothes line, take a beating & then knock Estupido down the way he did!
Were very proud of him"


The London School of Lucha Libre have also put a Loaded magazine journalist through the mill & surprisingly more & more actors, dancers, performers, circus people & burlesque folk are coming in for training.
One of the guys used his new Lucha skills last year in an amazing touring performance of Macbeth & is now in the west end in smash hit Warhorse!
Vanderhorne & Burridge are at the forefront of a new wave & direction in British wrestling, working on revamping  the British Wrestling Council, & in close collaboration with UK wrestling pioneer Alex Shane as well as other top line promotions like AAA & CMLL in Mexico, SPW & Solo in Spain, Wrestling With Ethics, FPW, Progress, IPWUK, FWA, NBW, ICW, & many more promotions across the UK.

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